Ingenious by Arludo: An interactive virtual science program (School Hours)

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Sat Dec 19, 2020, 8:00 AM - Sat Feb 6, 2021, 8:30 AM (AEDT)

Our extracurricular virtual science program for kids in Years 4-6 offers students a hands-on and highly interactive science experience like nothing they’ve seen before. Our Term 3 program is available to students in NSW, Queensland and Victoria.

During our 8-week program, your child will use a range of our awesome science apps to collect data and engage in thought-provoking conversations with real scientists via weekly livestreams to improve their critical and analytical thinking skills. Our apps use augmented reality and game mechanics to captivate students and keep them engaged in our online program.

This is the most immersive at-home science extension program currently available to students in Term 3. And you won’t need to waste any of your baking soda – we’re not making model volcanoes! It’s a no-mess science program – hooray!

Program details


  • Wednesday 19 July – December for an 8-week online program.


  • 1-hour virtual lessons each week for 8 weeks


  • Students can join in from school or home with their own devices


  • AUD $220 inc. GST for the entire program

Creative Kids:

  • As a Registered Provider of the Creative Kids program, NSW parents can redeem their $100 voucher with us


  • Access to a laptop or computer AND a mobile device or tablet for the duration of the weekly live show

What to expect

During the program, your child will:

  • Use our highly engaging science apps to perform science experiments and experience what it's like to be a real scientist.
  • Collect scientific data they can explore and interpret with their peers and practising scientists in our weekly live shows.
  • Design and conduct their own experiments to collect data and investigate how the human brain works.
  • Learn important principles from biology, ecology, evolution, ethics, psychology and other important disciplines!

At the end of the 8 weeks, your child will:

  • Increase their understanding of the scientific process, allowing them to practice their logical and critical thinking, as well as other ‘21st Century Skills’ crucial for the future of study, work and life.
  • Improve their ability to communicate and work in teams by sharing their thoughts, questions, ideas and solutions.
  • Increase their ability to interpret data and understand how data can be used to draw conclusions about an idea.
  • Design and conduct their own experiment to collect data and investigate how the human brain works.
  • Complete a novel experiment of their own design and write a scientific report.

How the program works

Students will login to OpenLearning each week to do some pre-show work and then they’ll join a professional-grade livestream via Twitch where they’ll get to show real scientists and their peers just how awesome they are!

Here’s an example of the videos your child will encounter prior to joining the live show:

They’ll use Arludo apps as scientific instruments to collect, visualise and explore data through play. Each week is led by a scientist facilitator and the resulting conversation will reveal important scientific principles and knowledge.

Students will deepen their understanding of the world around them by asking questions directly of people on the cutting-edge of scientific research.

After each class is done, students will still have access to all our science apps, allowing them to continue playing our educational games and furthering their knowledge in their own time.


Participants will need either a laptop or computer for the pre-show work and to watch the live show as well as a mobile device, tablet or iPad (either their own or their parents’) to simultaneously use the Arludo mobile games. Here’s a sneak peek at how your laptop screen could look from one of our augmented reality mobile games, Reservoir Crabs. In the background is Michael leading one of our live shows!

Arludo is a registered provider of the NSW government’s Creative Kids program!

NSW students are eligible for one Creative Kids voucher per year to the value of $100. If you’re based in NSW and haven’t used your 2020 voucher yet, simply apply for your voucher through Service NSW. Enter your code when you register with us and you’ll receive $100 off the program!

To apply for the voucher, visit

Dr. Isabelle Kingsley

Chief Education and Research Officer

Dr. Michael Kasumovic

Associate Professor and Arludo Founder
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